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Ballet on Dauphin Island

A grande Ballet has come to Dauphin Island. Not Swan Lake exactly, although it does occur on a tidal pool just north of the pier. And it isn’t a swan either, but the dance of the exquisite Reddish egret which comes every summer to perform for those willing find them in the early morning. No Balanchine dancer could move more exquisitely or leap with more free abandon. And this bird has attitude. If you wait quietly by the lake, you will be treated to grand jetes, pirouettes, twirls, and leaps while its long red mane flashes in the sunlight as it spins. Slate gray umbrella wings flash open and shut like Japanese Geisha fans as they dash about shading the water hunting for a breakfast of minnows. If you attend the artful show, you will leave both touched and uplifted by this glorious creature's brisk and lively performance.

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Susan Rouillier
Bird Photographer and Painter

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