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Cheetahs in Hwange

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Cheetahs in Hwange National Park. Photo: Susan Rouillier

The land rover's radio came on, our guide, Myesso, said a few words in his native language and then asked, “Do you want to see Cheetahs?” "Absolutely". Energized by fear and adrenaline I held onto the seat during a hair raising, high speed race over bumpy trail after trail to reach a clearing. In the distance highlighted by the golden low-angled sunlight, a magnificent pair of cheetahs stood beside a dry scruffy cluster of brush. Just waking from a daytime sleep in the 100 degree air, these two, the fastest animals on earth, were perhaps getting ready for a nighttime hunt. They were just out of my lens’ range for a detailed image, so I steadied the camera with my elbows propped on my knees and clicked away, hoping something would turn out.

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Susan Rouillier
Bird Photographer and Painter

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